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09/15/2014 10:16 PM

British big busty bombshell Rachel and her enormous juggs are back for more action at her official website these days. Needless to say Rachel has one of the most sparkling personalities on the huge boob scene today, and her massive rack is absolutely awe-inspiring for countless jerking sessions! The hottest brunette big tits model on the web today for big natural looter fans!


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09/15/2014 10:03 PM

Hi huge tit lovers ,have you checked out Divinebreasts great updates lately? They do have huge tits babe Mara on board with some truly gigantic natural juggs popping up all over the place! This sexy lady really get me going every time I look at her huge meaty funbags! Her heavy natural breasts are a great joy for big boob fans! Enjoy the sample!


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08/30/2014 11:18 AM

Hi fans of massive implanted ladies with gigantic chests!

Great news today – the string implant goddess herself, Chelsea Charms, has posted HD video at her official website- This is awesome – you should try out her site immediately my implant loving friends! Just how big will she grow :) ? Chelsea is one of the best and most delicious ultra big implant models out there!


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08/30/2014 08:32 AM

Do you like mega huge pumped up beach ball tits and girls with a great attitude about enlarging their boobs? Then Beshine might be the perfect girl to look at today! She carries one of the world’s biggest racks and isn’t too shy to show it to the planet!

Recently, Beshine has revamped her site to look even nicer than before with a great new web design and good navigation! So if you haven’t checked out this fake boobs superstar yet, take your time to check out what she has to offer! The perfect boobs model for silicone fanatics! Two thumbs up for her great personality and humor as well! Also, her new updates are beyond belief! She is huuuuuuuuge :)

Also, don’t forget to check out her great huge tits shows on Streamate. She loves to show her fake boobs and great lips! Totally hot!


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08/30/2014 08:26 AM

Hi titty lovers! Canadian super tits babe Amy and her enormous silicone breasts are back for more action at the Scoreland website! Needless to mention that these guys and girls really know how to film and photograph a big pair of juggs properly! Now let’s have a look at her hot sample image before we join their site for the high res pics! Totally epic in my book! How about you? Do you like Amy a lot as well? She sure deserves our praise! (PS don’t forget Scoreland really has a lot to offer for big tit fans!)


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08/21/2014 10:41 PM

Hi my dear chest loving readers.

Today we want to inform you about on of the best new single babe sites out there…the Pinupfiles guys opened a new solo girl site for Tessa Fowler, one of their great new discoveries! This chick is sooo gorgeous, it’s insane! She can easily be the next Denise Milani I think. Just look at this hot honey and you know what liking sexy booby babes is all about again! Tessa is a beauty queen with the perfect pair of juicy perky tits for our delight and excitement!

Well worth giving it w whirl trying out her new webpage!


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08/21/2014 10:30 PM

Sexy Czech babe Abbi and her ultra huge natural Juggs are the 8th wonder of our modern world my tit loving buddies! I swear this is one of the hottest pictorials UI have ever seen of this unbelievable chick and her magnificent tits. Seeing how these suspenders are the only thing between me and her tits really is hard-on inducing. Abbi is perfect for hot wanking session on a daily basis! Joining her site seems like a good idea today :)

Check out this sample and you will see that she is the ultimate natural juggs European hottie!


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08/21/2014 10:18 PM

The grandmaster of French big tit photography does it again – XX-Cel got a fresh set with famous babe Sensual Jane and her massive hooters ready for action out on his xx-cel-lent website! This due really is one of the best big boobs fetishist I know!

And his pics are gorgeous and natural to look at – no wonder the girls fee lat ease with this master of the art. Check out the sample pics and join the good man’s site for the high res stuff he has on offer over there! Well worth the admission!


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08/21/2014 10:07 PM

Hey my huge tits loving friends!

The great natural boobs wonder Lucie and her enormous boobies are on the loose at DDFBusty again! Needless to say her images are getting hotter and hotter every time I look at my screen! It’s time to try DDFbusty again for some of the Best of Lucie’s content and a waggonload of other great big boobs babes like Venera and Laura Orsolya.


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08/16/2014 08:31 PM

Kelly Madison and her great tits are always a welcome sight in my weblog!
Just look at how this sexy slutty woman present herself in a wet t shirt and you know that god is a boob man definitely!

This girl got tits ass and a lot of sexy smiling class :)

I’ll let the sample image speak for itself my friends! Look at that body!


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09/29/2014 11:30 PM

Busty hooker

Busty hooker

Busty hooker Holly Halston is fiercely territorial of her turf and will chase off any other ladies of the street who violate Holly's beat. She's another badass bitch with a crazy sex drive. That girl's got some dirty mouth on her and she knows how to use it. When we say dirty mouth, we mean it. The words that pour from Holly's cock-licking lips are absolutely filthy. The trick who picks her up is hot for that mouth, her tight cunt and her magic asshole. The little blonde with big boobs does things his wife will never do! They wangle and bargain until they reach a deal. No one gets over this playgirl. Holly gets her compensation and he gets the wildest bang of all the pro-hos he brings home to screw and jizz!

See More of Holly Halston at SCORELAND.COM!

09/29/2014 11:30 PM

Busty hooker

Busty hooker

Sarah Sunshine has a get-out-of-jail-free card and that's her talent at persuading officers to give her a break. A lusty fuck and suck and she's as free as a bird to pursue her life's work as a humanitarian ho. Stuck in the jug with two other hookers, Sarah and her new friends loudly proclaim their innocence. The two other girls are released but Sarah must remain until they can get the judge out of bed. Sarah's dirty mouth and tight pussy do their magic as she wiggles and wangles her way out of the lock-up by giving her guard some magic moments inside the cell! Release that woman! The streets need Sarah back on the beat so she can lay more sunshine on her tricks!

See More of Sarah Sunshine at SCORELAND.COM!

09/29/2014 11:30 PM

Best of Big Tit Hooker 3

Best of Big Tit Hooker 3

In part one of The Best of Big Tit Hooker 3, badass Sarah Sunshine is locked up with two other ladies of the evening while they wait for the system to grind out its process. The yelling and hollering can be heard all over the jail so a guard comes out to see what the fuss is. The other girls are released but Sarah must wait. Will sucking and fucking get her out of this lock-up? She's gonna try and blow the man down in a jailhouse jiggle fest of wild sex!

In part two of The Best of Big Tit Hooker 3: Lesson #1: Don't fuck with Holly Halston when she's working her street. Another hooker (Soleil Hughes) learns that lesson when she steps on Holly's turf! Holly quickly runs her off with a dirty mouth that would make a longshoreman with a hook for a hand start crying like a pussy. Turf secured, Holly drives off with an eager trick who wants to put her dirty mouth to better use, such as vacuuming his cock and balls. Driving a "hard" bargain, her John hammers Holly's cock-gripping cunt and rams her tight butthole in this wham-bam scene.

See More of Holly Halston at SCORELAND.COM!

09/28/2014 11:30 PM

Huge Jugs Of Germany

Huge Jugs Of Germany

Emilia Boshe, German super-bra buster, is back in all-new 38HH breast-swinging and big boob play action. Emilia's tits never fail to elicit awe and admiration.

Life has not changed all that much for Emilia. She watches soccer, goes to the cinema, skates and goes for walks. During the summer she wears hot pants or short skirts and tight tops. Ow! In the fall and winter, she sports sweaters that just can't conceal those twin peaks.

As Emilia said when she and SCORE got together for her first series, "I was shy growing up. Now I am more confident and assured. I like for guys to appreciate my body."

"I'm happy with my life," says Emilia. "I like to surround myself with happy, positive people. It makes everything so much better." That philosophy is something Joana also believes in.

"When I watch a goddess like Miss Janne Hollan or Miss Boshe, I know that God is not an old man with a beard but an attractive woman with a large bust and long legs," remarked Charles, a SCORELAND member.

See More of Emilia Boshe at SCORELAND.COM!

09/28/2014 11:30 PM

Huge Jugs Of Germany

Huge Jugs Of Germany

It's been two years since SCORE headed to Germany to meet Emilia Boshe. Now the super "busen-star" is back for a new series of pictures and videos. Emilia's huge natural tits are mammary miracles and they seem to look even bigger.

Emilia plays breast bouncing games inside her hefty bra, then releases them to cream them with white lotion, first standing up, then getting on her back. The blonde bra-smasher rubs the cream in well until it's soaked into her breast flesh.

Emilia finishes her big tit show by swinging and shaking them in different positions. She is the very definition of the expression "brick house blonde." Getting hit in the head with those knockers might cause a concussion. Playing football with her is not advised. There are better, safer games to play with her.

See More of Emilia Boshe at SCORELAND.COM!

09/27/2014 11:30 PM

Great Big Boobs Of Love

Great Big Boobs Of Love

Continuing our chat with Sheridan Love, a SCORE Girl who has it all.

SCORE: When you're trying on a bra, what do you do to test whether it's going to fit right?
Sheridan: If I can find a bra in my right size I like to put it on and jump up and down to see if my tits will pop out.

SCORE: Everyone loves seeing SCORE Girls do that. How long does a bra last you before you throw it out?
Sheridan: I am the world's worst about keeping a bra way after it should be thrown out. It's like your fav shirt that has holes in it but you can't seem to make yourself throw it out. I have a few bras like that. (Laughs)

SCORE: Do you wear a bra all the time?
Sheridan: I am a nudist whenever I can be. I love to be naked!

SCORE: Do you lounge around the house topless or naked?
Sheridan: I'm naked all the time.

SCORE: Do you think women should be allowed to be topless anywhere it's legal for men to be shirtless?
Sheridan: Like I said, I am a nudist whenever possible, so I think that would be awesome. We were all born naked. It's nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of. The human body is a beautiful thing no matter what shape or size. If men are allowed to be topless, women should have that same right.

SCORE: What do your pierced nipples do for you?
Sheridan: I have always thought pierced nipples were sexy, so I had to get mine done. I have always had super-sensitive nipples, but after getting them done they became even more sensitive. My first shower after getting them done was so orgasmic!

Thank you, Sheridan!

See More of Sheridan Love at SCORELAND.COM!

09/27/2014 11:30 PM

Great Big Boobs Of Love

Great Big Boobs Of Love

Sheridan Love shows once again why she's a SCORE magazine covergirl in this video and matching pictorial. We caught up with busy Sheridan for a chat. Check out a special Bonus scene ("A Suitcase of Love") of Sheridan letting us snoop in her suitcase.

SCORE: If we were to see you doing everyday things in Las Vegas, what would you be wearing?
Sheridan: I would probably be wearing tight yoga pants, sports bra, and tank top. I'm always working out. I think workout clothes are sexy!

SCORE: What kind of swimsuits do you like to wear?
Sheridan: I prefer a two-piece. I have a hard time finding tops that actually fit my tits and not just cover my nipples.

SCORE: Do you wear very high heels all the time?
Sheridan: Yes, I do! I even wear high heel sneakers when I workout . (Laughs)

SCORE: Do you know how much your boobs weigh?
Sheridan: I get asked often how much they weigh and if they hurt my back. They are 3 1/2 pounds apiece. I have had big boobs since I was nine. So my back is used to them and I work out all the time to keep my back muscles strong.

SCORE: What position do you sleep in?
Sheridan: I sleep on my sides. It's impossible to sleep on my stomach.

Thank you, Sheridan.

Our chat continues in the pictorial of this scene.

See More of Sheridan Love at SCORELAND.COM!

09/27/2014 11:30 PM

A Suitcase of Love

A Suitcase of Love

What's in Sheridan Love's suitcase? You will see the contents right now in these Bonus shots and in the video.

Sheridan is a popular web-cam model and toys herself in her cam shows and in her SCORE videos. We talked about toys and other novelties and what she likes about them.

By the way, the next model coming soon in SCORE's Splat Mat novelty line at is...Sheridan Love! Perfect for Holiday jacking.

SCORE: Sheridan, how long is the biggest toy you have used?
Sheridan:15 inches is the longest. I can't take it all but I like to try.

SCORE: 15 inches! Do you like long toys or thick toys?
Sheridan: I like both but thick is my fav. I love the feeling of my pussy being stretched and full.

SCORE: What's the craziest adult novelty you have played with?
Sheridan: I have a sex swing that's loads of fun. All kinds of different positions you can do and it just make me feel extra naughty being strapped into it and letting someone have their way with me.

SCORE: What kind of butt toys do you play with?
Sheridan: I have a few I like. I love glass plugs. They are smooth and cool to the touch. I have plugs that have tails attached for when I want to be a naughty kitty and I have one that expands so I can slowly stretch my tight asshole.

SCORE: On another topic, since you live in a party city, do you gamble and go to those wild Vegas hotel pool parties?
Sheridan: I don't gamble much. Penny slots or blackjack occasionally. I've been to a couple pool parties. My big titties always seem to be a hit.

SCORE: You always SCORE a hit, Sheridan. Thanks for opening up.
Sheridan: My pleasure and I hope everyone likes my new videos and pics.

See More of Sheridan Love at SCORELAND.COM!

09/27/2014 11:30 PM

A Suitcase of Love

A Suitcase of Love

What's in a SCORE Girl's suitcase when she visits? What's in Sheridan Love's suitcase? You are about to find out in this Bonus video and photo set. Our chat with this living doll continues.

SCORE: What's it like for you going through airports with boobs that big?
Sheridan: I almost always get patted down. I think they think I am trying to sneak things in. Either that or they just want to get a quick feel.

SCORE: We believe the only motive is to get a quick feel. Have you ever gotten out of a speeding ticket by showing the cop your boobs?
Sheridan: I don't drive, but if I did I would be sure to wear very low or see-through shirts all the time just in case.

SCORE: Have you ever masturbated in a car while you were being driven?
Sheridan: Well, as I said, I don't drive but I have masturbated many times in the car going places! When I moved to Vegas, the moving truck had a bouncy seat. So I put a toy in my pussy and felt every orgasmic bump in the road!

SCORE: Do you play with your breasts without realizing it, like when you're watching TV? Most SCORE and V-mag Girls say yes.
Sheridan: I do play with them all the time without realizing it. It's mainly when I am in deep thought. Like at the store trying to remember everything that I need. People give me weird looks, then I realize what I'm doing . Oops! (Laughs)

See More of Sheridan Love at SCORELAND.COM!

09/26/2014 11:30 PM

Deep In The Bush

Deep In The Bush

It's not known if Mischel Lee wrote home to gush about her first SCORE hardcore scene but it wouldn't be surprising if she did. A slim and stacked newcomer, Mischel captured the rapt attention of the follicle fans and muff mavens at SCORELAND when they spotted that thick bush between her legs. It's an usual sight these days with few exceptions (Cameron Skye, Vanessa Y.) and gets the aficionados writing in.

Tom gets to plant his fuck-flag in Mischel's garden of Eden in "Deep In The Bush." Decked out old-school men's mag style in a corset, black stockings and high heels, Mischel's panties don't quite conceal the thick foliage surrounding her young slit which Tom will drill and pump well and hard.

Tom sucks on Mischel's pointy nipples and plays with her pussy, gently pulling the hair and rubbing and fingering her snatch lips in preparation for the hard salami. Mischel eagerly opens her mouth for it, lovingly sucking the head. She holds her big tits together so she can give Tom's shaft a jug-hug, sucking the head again when it slides past her cleavage and into her mouth.

Pulling apart her panties so her forest of fur is uncovered, she eagerly waits for him to fuck her hard and nasty. What Mischel wants, she gets, and what she wants is a hard prick deep in the bush.

See More of Mischel Lee at SCORELAND.COM!

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