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12/14/2014 09:26 PM

Big silicone tits porn star Amy isn’t thy of fucking her brains out on camera in the hot scenes she did for Scoreland recently! This girl totally makes my dick tingle with her massive fake juggs and sexy smile ans high pitched moaning! A dick scorching hottie for all of us big fake tit fans to enjoy! Let’s Amy Anderssen spice up your holidays with that tight pussy hot butt and her ultra big round melons! Check out her hot new videos and pics at Scoreland ASAP.


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12/14/2014 08:49 PM

Kelly Madison and her huge hot boobs are always a sight to behold! Just look at this sexually insatiable blonde hottie and her massive rack and that smoking hot body! This is a living legend strutting her stuff just for you! Needless to say I really like how she sounds when moaning during her sex scenes! Very Milfy :) Go check out the new updates at her site and you will see what I mean my tit loving friend!


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12/14/2014 08:42 PM

Great news for fans of sensual porn stars with pumped up fake tits who bare it all!
Asian babe Tigerr Benson and her massive round juggs are visiting XX-Çel’s great site to show of her glorious globes in all their glory!

This hottie with her petite oriental body surely makes the bolt-on tits look even more larger than life! You gotta love it when Cel gets his hands on hot chicks like Tigerr to make them show of a natural smile for his camera! A true big tits pro in my book!

I’ve already got a thing for cute Asian babes, but having huge tits implants makes them even sexier in my world!


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12/10/2014 04:01 PM

Hi my dear fellow big tit fan!

Do you love huge round fake pumped up boobs as much as I do?

Then I’m sure you are no stranger to the great babe Beshine and her unbelievable super-filled implants! Needless to say her big fake lips are a huge turn on as well! Beshine really is one of the most beautiful and out of the norm huge tits ladies out there! And her new HD videos are absolutely awesome! (PS don’t forget to check out her hot webcam some times too! She does a great boob clapping dance and loves to show her sexy mouth!)



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12/10/2014 03:43 PM

The huge boob lovers at the Pinupfiles site really surprise me with their great new busty ladies coming aboard lately. How about this blonde British big boobs stunner Katie Thornton and her massive J-Cup hooters! Boobs like this and the Pinupfiles are obviously a match made in heaven!
Katie is just what we needed to warm up this winter to new record temperatures!
I’ll totally let the sample image speak for itself :-) !


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11/30/2014 06:48 PM

Hi there my dear fellow huge boobs lovers! Today was surfing around on the big tits portal of Streamate…really some awesome huge hooter amateurs there..and of course some really great big huge boob celebrities like Claudia-Marie and Beshine as well – if you want to see a few hot live shows of very busy’s time to join and try the huge tits and big boobs sections of Streamate ASAP. No regrets here – some big tit pocket money very well spent! I love these sensual cam babes and big boobs stars over there!


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11/23/2014 08:52 PM

Well, rather through some sort of archeological museum, it seems in her diaries. This lady never ceases to amaze the huge tit community with meaty boobs and big intellect. I find it really hard to make up my mind on where I want to starefirst, her sexy hips? – her ample tits? her luscious eyes?.

So many good things about this supermodel of the boobscene. Claudia Schiffer is nothing compared to this German export :) Curvaceous and graceous, I guess that concludes my rambling and leaves a spot for the obligatory downsized sample sheet.

Chloe Vevrier and her massive boobs

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11/23/2014 08:52 PM

Hi big tit fans on the internet! I love Ellie Jay’s latest sexy pictorials! She is really one great boobmodel for squeezing her big natural breasts into this sexy bikini! What is there about this girl not to love? Her sexy hair, her cute face, her totally fuckable tits and ass. Hmm. She is one of these girl-next-door types with big juicy boobs for all of us to jerk off at!

Ellie Jay’s site membership also gives access to sites such as, so this one is definitely worthwhile. You can thank the bad economics for this great deal my friends! This is a great chance for huge boob fans, so act now or be left in the dust of the big boobs desert LOL. Go check out this babe my fellow tit lovers. Ellie Jay kicks some serious ass.

ellie jay huge juggs

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11/23/2014 08:52 PM

The giant boobed fantasy babes on Mastasia will always be the object of attention and admiration for ultra big tit fetishists. Their massive proportions are beyond anything in the real worlds. As such it’s making the smoking fetishist in me kind of happy seeing their newest movie where sexy babe Vanessa Volume light up a cigar. This beats all the stuff from the Clinton era hands down!

Seeing how Vanessa really makes the cigar smoking thing hot with her sexy face and the giant fake tits is making my dick ready to explode all over her enormous hooters! Great to see how the Mastasia creators are combining the fetishes as of late! If this is a taste of things to come, then count me in as a massive fan of their works!

vanessa volume cigar  

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11/23/2014 08:52 PM

The great big tit pages from DDFBusty are rocking my dick again this week! They got some brand new high res Anya Zenkova aka Busty Merilyn updates as well as frsh pics of naughty Ines Cudna. These 2 babes belong to the top of the big tit modelling scene for obvious big and heavy reasons! Their natural super tits can make many small chested babe very jealous I heard.

Can you imagine what happens when these ladies let out their puppies in summer dresses? Right! Huge cat fight in the middle of the street LOL. Now if that isn’t great stuff for your huge tit voyeuristic fantasies! Enjoy the free galleries and rock on my friends! These two boob models are making my head spin! Gotta love their massive juggs in these angled shots from down below.

anya zenkova ddfbusty 

ines cudna ddfbusty 

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12/22/2014 10:30 PM

Hittin' The Mega-Boobed Office Hottie

Hittin' The Mega-Boobed Office Hottie

Amy Anderssen wasn't the sexy hottie she is now when she was growing up. "I didn't know about sex and guys. Porn grew me up and increased my sexuality and helped me discover myself and what I want. It took time to get there. When I was 26, I knew what I wanted sexually, but it took years. I didn't know how to have sex. I didn't know what to do with a dick. I didn't know what lube was. Now I have moves. I know how to play with it and jump on it and make it good for me."

Seeing is believing. Amy sucks cock hands-free, gags, drools and fucks like a hurricane. Everything this girl does, from handling a wave runner to hard wood, is A-list!

"I actually dress way more conservatively now than before. Sometimes I want to really show them off, but most times I like to dress conservatively. I'm a conservative person now. I'm all grown up."

It should be no surprise that Amy admires the classic SCORE Girls of the 1990s like Tiffany Towers (also a Canadian). "I was dancing at The Brass Rail," said Amy. "I was dancing up in Mississauga at Locomotion. I did a few of those clubs for a little bit." The Brass Rail was the club to see Tiffany back in the day.

This geek from the IT Department doesn't know what hit him. He should consider himself blessed to have been fucked by Amy Anderssen.

See More of Amy Anderssen at SCORELAND.COM!

12/22/2014 10:30 PM

Hittin' The Mega-Boobed Office Hottie

Hittin' The Mega-Boobed Office Hottie

If you're not a geek in an IT department, you could fast-forward right away to the cock-sucking but why not enjoy Amy's tight cardigan show that opens this video? She's an Otis Sweat painting made flesh.

Seeing Amy Anderssen jerk a hard cock until it explodes cum into her mouth which then drips on her huge hooters, is one of the highlights of "Hittin' The Mega-Boobed Office Hottie."

But let's backtrack. A computer nerd has been asked by Amy to fix her computer at work. This is a great fantasy for any guy who ever worked in the IT department and dreamed of banging a co-worker with big tits. Actually, big is not the word for Amy Anderssen. Giant, fucking knockers is more appropriate.

SCORE veterans may remember Amy when she first appeared in April 2007 SCORE magazine. She did not look like she does now. Back then she was Jayna James. She was a Canadian blonde from Ontario with a hot body and big, but smaller, boobs.

"I was totally different," Amy recalled. "I had way smaller breasts. I think then I was around 900ccs. I was totally blond. I used to wear blue contacts. I used to always use spray tans. That was basically what was happening seven years ago. I was playing that part seven years ago, and now I'm going with my natural hair color, my natural eye color and I do less tanning."

See More of Amy Anderssen at SCORELAND.COM!

12/21/2014 10:30 PM

"In School, I Had Bigger Boobs Than Any Teacher"

Our next question for Marie Leone is: "What have been your top two sexual experiences?"

"Number-one was when me and my then-boyfriend spent our first Valentine's Day by going to an adult book store. It turned out to have a gloryhole and, well, let me just say that I got a mouthful!"

"My number-two was at a swingers' club. I had never been with a female before that night but that didn't stop me and my fiancé from going down on this very sexy and hot redheaded cougar lady that everyone called Robbin. Robbin, thanks for popping my cherry and for singing us a tune with your wonderful screams."

What's the funniest pick-up line a guy ever tried on Marie?

"Actually no guy has ever tried a pick-up line on me. They just stare at my boobs."

See More of Marie Leone at SCORELAND.COM!

12/21/2014 10:30 PM

"In School, I Had Bigger Boobs Than Any Teacher"

The title is true. Marie Leone did have bigger boobs than any of her teachers. Were they jealous? Most likely some were. Your editors are actually glad they didn't go to school with Marie because they would have all flunked out, unable to do anything but stare at Marie all day and try to snap her bra straps.

Sometimes the genetic roll of the dice results in huge boobs with winners like Marie, Maserati and Jennica Lynn. Sometimes it doesn't and results in flatties. We believe that scientists will one day pinpoint the exact DNA sequence that creates massive boobage. Then there will be an army of Marie Leones!

The question of the day is, "What does Marie Leone do to make a man feel extra-special?"

"The thing that I do to make my guy feel special in and out of bed is that I show him all the loving I can," Marie replies. "We all know the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. So, out of bed, I make him hard-boiled eggs shaped like hearts or an egg sandwich by cutting a heart in the center of the bread, placing it in a pan with butter and breaking an egg in the center. He loves it a lot but what he loves even more is how I always give him a blow job before he goes to sleep while watching our favorite XXX video online."

Marie Leone: romance is always in the air when you're with her.

See More of Marie Leone at SCORELAND.COM!

12/20/2014 10:30 PM

Advanced Sweater Stretching

Advanced Sweater Stretching

Full of feelings, Jenna Valentine is going to try on new sweaters. Now around a 36HH, Jenna's heavenly and heavy hooters will be seriously straining the material. Maybe you can advise about which ones look the best over Jenna's fantastic breasts. After she's tried on several sweaters and thrust her chest at the camera, Jenna goes bare and gets on our glass table for some unique views. It's been some time since we've used this glass table in a shoot. The last girl on it was Melissa Manning in November, 2013 for "After School Play."

Jenna stopped web-camming and is now a professional stylist.

"I got burnt out. I'm also a model coordinator for I'm a makeup artist, primarily for porno, but I would like to branch out. I like doing commercial makeup. The guys are always asking me, 'When you do your first scene, can it be with me?' and I'm like, 'Nope. I'm never doing it.' They say, 'When you watch people having sex on the set, does it make you horny?' It makes me really tired. I nap on-set. I don't even watch girl-girl. If I was going to watch porn, I would watch girl-girl, but I don't watch any of the porn we film. Really, between makeup and GodsGirls, my life is like a giant vagina. I'm seriously living in a labia. There's vaginas everywhere! I get emailed vaginas! Then I look up and there's a vagina on-set. Sometimes a penis."

GodsGirls features models from the alt-Goth world. Jenna modeled for them before trying SCORE. Maybe one day she'll find a newcomer built like her and refer her to SCORELAND.

When Jenna was here, she crisscrossed with Liza Biggs in the dressing room. This is like two heads of state having a summit meeting. The photos and videos from that close encounter of the breast kind are called "Boob Sorority." Check it out if you haven't seen it. A guy could be boob-crushed by those two.

See More of Jenna Valentine at SCORELAND.COM!

12/20/2014 10:30 PM

Advanced Sweater Stretching

Advanced Sweater Stretching

It's time to go sweater shopping with the Association of Sweater Manufacturers' poster girl, Jenna Valentine. Miss Valentine tries on a variety of sexy sweaters, then puts on her birthday suit and gets on our glass table for a closer, loving look at her wonderfully curvy assets. What's your favorite sweater out of the ones Jenna pulled over her big, 36HH boobs?

Jenna has gotten bustier since her previous shoots with SCORE in Mexico.

"My boobs have gotten bigger, which is strange because I lost a lot of weight and I feel like they shouldn't get bigger because I've been doing this Pilates/ballet-bar class every day," says Jenna. "I don't know why my boobs got bigger. I don't want them to grow any more. This is good enough. When I started with Voluptuous, I was a 36F. Then I was a 36H."

We don't know why either but we never question our good fortune.

Let's talk about sex. What about sex on the first date?

"I like having a connection with somebody. Otherwise I think sex is boring. Even all of the first-date sex I've had, the guys have turned out to be boyfriends. It's like a weird instant connection we had. I think first-time sex, no matter what date it is, is really awkward because you don't know the person and you have to learn each other's bodies. I've never had first-time sex where it was the best sex ever. It's always awkward the first time getting naked in front of somebody and having sex with them."

See More of Jenna Valentine at SCORELAND.COM!

12/19/2014 10:30 PM

Big Boob Coed Fever

Big Boob Coed Fever

"Most people in school knew me because of my boobs," said Harlow Nyx. Now a lot more people who would have never known about Harlow are going to after they see her at SCORELAND and in SCORE magazine (May '15). We found Harlow on the Streamate cam site and on Twitter and invited her to Miami. Her natural big boobs measure 36G! The kind of busty young babe breast-men search for their entire lives. She's a mere 22-years-old.

"I'm not just a little freaky. I'm a lot freaky," says red-haired, mid-western vixen Harlow who made her SCORELAND debut last month. Like most of the girls we find, Harlow's the stuff that big breasted dreams are made of and when she walks into a room, she owns it and all of the guys who see her.

Harlow gets to fly her freak flag again, this time with a stunt-cock from rent-a-stud. She's dressed as a sexy coed to add even more heat to the meet. Now we'll get to enjoy how Harlow Nyx clicks with dicks.

"These guys (SCORE studs) are really experienced, and some of the positions...I'm like, 'I'm taking this home!'"

"I'm not afraid to get messy. I'm not afraid to get dirty at all. I have zero gag reflex, so I can take it, and I kind of like to panic a bit, so not breathing is fine. For a hot minute. I'll be there with my mouth stuffed with cock and I can barely breathe, and I'm fine with that, just a little bit longer than I think I can stand. If you hear me tap out, that probably means I'm gonna pass out. That's good."

Harlow gets to play with Mirko in her first SCORE boy-girl, sucking his cock hands-free and humping his hard-on with her big, beautiful hooters, for starters.

"I asked one of the guys yesterday, 'Can I say 'fuck'?' because I say fuck a lot."

Yes, Harlow, always feel free to say fuck at SCORE anytime you want.

See More of Harlow Nyx at SCORELAND.COM!

12/19/2014 10:30 PM

Big Boob Coed Fever

Big Boob Coed Fever

"I love being watched," says newcomer Harlow Nyx (May '15 SCORE magazine). On this day, Harlow will be bouncing on the pole for the first time at SCORELAND after her debut last month that included a tour around Miami's Arts District. "I'm a performer at heart. I feel like I go harder whenever I'm being watched. I'll be sluttier if I know I'm being watched."

Harlow looks irresistible decked out like a coed. Mirko gets hands-on right away, massaging Harlow's big tits and licking her pert, stiff, pierced nips. He buries his face between her hooters. The soft, yielding flesh is a great place for a face to be. Harlow breathes deeply and makes pleasure sounds.

Mirko stands on the bed and drops his drawers. The busty musician takes his skinflute in her mouth and sucks it hands-free. Her tongue and lips are very experienced. Was she the blow job girl in school?

"I was not the blow job girl. I was more the park-bench sex girl. Or the slide. Or the back seat of my car. You have to be really good to get a blow job from me. Back then, anyway. I was a good girl in high school. I only fucked. If you wanted a blow job from me, you had to stick around for a while. I'm really good at giving them, so I'm not going to bless you with a blow job unless you're going to do something for me."

Mirko lays Harlow back on the bed and drives his bologna-bus through her heavy hills slowly, then harder and faster. They change positions so Harlow can suck his cock again hands-free, her big boobs resting on his thigh.

Facing the camera, Harlow saddles up and rides. It's one of many horny fuck positions they'll play with in this hot redhead's first SCORELAND scene with a dude.

Harlow Nyx knows how to get her kicks!

See More of Harlow Nyx at SCORELAND.COM!

12/19/2014 10:30 PM

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays. Meet your holiday giftie. Her name is Juliana and she will debut at SCORELAND on January 3rd. Juliana is our first new discovery of 2015. After she introduces herself in this Xmas video, Juliana shows off what treasures and baubles are hidden underneath her holiday costume. Fantastic! It truly is the most wonderful time of the year.

See More of Juliana at SCORELAND.COM!

12/18/2014 10:30 PM

Hot Tub Bikini Hottie

 Hot Tub Bikini Hottie

Casey began as a swimsuit model, and she's appeared in many German magazines and newspapers. She's the main model for Saxini and Nixxxe, a German designer of micro-bikinis. Casey was posing topless on the net when she learned about SCORE and connected with one of our photographers.

It's actually not easy to find busty German models. In recent years, we've lucked out with Annina, Emilia Boshe and Alexa. Even so, we're not overrun with German applicants and our scouts there rarely see anyone.

"If you need a reason to go to Germany, you're looking at her!" comments Matt. "Great beer, excellent food and the best women between Germany and Poland. I hope I run into her at Oktoberfest when I go back this year! More Casey!"

On this day, SCORE took Casey to a posh spa where she could dip her sexy body in a hot tub and peel off her bikini. And you get a ringside seat.

Casey says that guys are too shy to come over to her and chat her up. Even so, Casey says she enjoys the attention she does get. We're sure she would be happy to autograph her debut issue of SCORE (February '15) if she were asked.

See More of Casey Deluxe at SCORELAND.COM!

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