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01/19/2015 11:14 PM

The Macromastia fans at the OMGbigboobs website are photographing and filming some of the best girls with massive racks out there in the world! They have a ton of high res content of famous amateur babes Alice85JJ and her massive veiny meaty mega-boobs! This girl really is the white Miosotis ! Check out just how big her enormous hangers are! Then you will know why that site is called Oh My God big boobs – true to it’s name only the best biggest tits are on there! A sight to behold for big titty fans!


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01/19/2015 11:01 PM

Hot scorching stacked brunette beauty Chloe and her enormous juggs are on the loose again!
Totally hot images await In the fresh updates at her official site. This woman leaves nothing to be desired – her high res images in her members area are simply some of the best on the big boobs horizon today. I’ll let the flaming hot big tits sample speak for itself . Needless to say Chloe Vevrier In sexy lingerie can make my dick explode time after time!


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01/19/2015 10:53 PM

Hi there my huge tits amigos! Huge ebony babe Maserati and her enormous brown juggs are all about sex! And so re Kelly and her hubby Ryan at Pornfidelity – In the end Maserati fucking this hot couple really is a natural match! Check out her enormous juggs wobbling all over your screen – no further testimonial needed to drop some cash on Pornfidelity – these nice folks fuck the hottest big tit girls only!


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01/09/2015 09:27 PM

Hi there – great news today! Giant implants seyx blonde model Beshine has returned to live webcam shows this month! Her boobs defy any size description! And her live sessions are totally making my cock rock hard:)

time to check out her Streamate profile guys!


Check her out ASAP my friends!

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01/04/2015 09:16 PM

Famous big tits model Leanne and her massive round rack re back on track for some hot and steamy pinup action! I’m talking bout her latest and greatest update where she put on a stewardess outfit to make your sexual fantasies come true over and over! This girl got the right body to tease big boob lovers – who wouldn’t love to fuck her for countless hours? Sign me up for that please! She got the right attitude about her massive natural juggs and loves to share hot pics on the DDFBusty Time to spoil yourselves with this big tit treat for the new year!


The post Leanne Crow as a huge boob stewardess will make your cock fly high appeared first on huge tits and boobs blog.

01/04/2015 09:11 PM

Do you like big tits round assed cute Russian girls who like to masturbate wildly moaning?
If the answer is a yes, then look no further, xxNatxx is one of THE best live performers on the Streamate sex cam network! Her voice is cute and her looks can kill! She loves to make your dick explode all over her big luscious butt and her big meaty funbags! Nat is so cute, you have to witness for yourself how hot she is! Her pussy is one of the tightest horniest pinkest vaginas on the internet! This girl just loves to tease and please fans of horny sex bombs!


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01/04/2015 08:54 PM

Happy new year to all huge its fans around the world reading this big boobs blog!
We are very happy to show you the latest pictorials of huge tits model Abbi Secraa from Poland – her juggs are truly too big for words! Her enormous natural breasts defy gravity in so many ways! Wouldn’t you love to kiss and fondle her gigantic meat bags all night long! She is destroying her clothing everyday with her super big tits that’s a fact!


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12/28/2014 10:19 PM

Huge tits super-slut Claudia Marie and her pumped up tits are a sight I love! This lady never stops being hot and horny and recently she added a fresh lesbian lay set to her site with busty legend Kayla Kleevage to give us the double dose of great big silicone titties! Truly my recommendation for the end of this year is to try out her perfect site!


The post Massive tits holidays with Claudia Marie and Kayla Kleevage appeared first on huge tits and boobs blog.

12/14/2014 09:26 PM

Big silicone tits porn star Amy isn’t thy of fucking her brains out on camera in the hot scenes she did for Scoreland recently! This girl totally makes my dick tingle with her massive fake juggs and sexy smile ans high pitched moaning! A dick scorching hottie for all of us big fake tit fans to enjoy! Let’s Amy Anderssen spice up your holidays with that tight pussy hot butt and her ultra big round melons! Check out her hot new videos and pics at Scoreland ASAP.


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12/14/2014 08:49 PM

Kelly Madison and her huge hot boobs are always a sight to behold! Just look at this sexually insatiable blonde hottie and her massive rack and that smoking hot body! This is a living legend strutting her stuff just for you! Needless to say I really like how she sounds when moaning during her sex scenes! Very Milfy :) Go check out the new updates at her site and you will see what I mean my tit loving friend!


The post Kelly Madison and her big juggs are hotter than ever! appeared first on huge tits and boobs blog.

01/27/2015 10:30 PM

Angel In Chains

Angel In Chains

When we asked Barbara Angel what she thought about sex with porn dudes compared to regular guys, the cheery stacked brunette said, "Porn guys never disappoint but they hardly ever surprise. When I have sex with a regular guy I never know what will happen and that is often the exciting part."

When we next talk to Barbara, we're going to ask her if this crazy-hot scene with Neeo in a dungeon has changed her mind about being surprised.

Like most mean and bad mistresses, busty Mistress Barbara thinks she can lord over all men and treat them like slaves with her psycho-dramas and heaving, heavy tits. She's about to meet more than her match in ramrodding stud Neeo. She's about to meet her new boss and become his sexy kitten in a cage.

Barbara flourishes her riding crop and wants to punish him for arriving late to her dungeon playpen. Instead, he seizes her crop, seizes Barbara and begins his invasion of her body and will by seizing her big boobs. Barbara, her tight pussy and her big tits are about to be manhandled in a way she has never experienced before. Disciplined, spanked, punished, restrained and fucked as hard as a man can fuck a woman.

All of Barbara's nefarious dungeon devices and instruments are going to be turned against her and when Neeo is finished with the Angel, her body and mind will belong to him. Barbara will go from a dominatrix without mercy to a whimpering, submissive plaything to satisfy his sexual appetites.

For a newcomer to modeling, Barbara has experienced more action in a few months than many experience in years!

See More of Barbara Angel at SCORELAND.COM!

01/27/2015 10:30 PM

Angel In Chains

Angel In Chains

Barbara Angel is the baddest, bustiest mistress in town. Men go to her to be punished and made submissive to her will.

All that is about to change in an epic XXX experience.

When her slave Neeo shows up late to her fully-equipped dungeon, she digs into him for his tardiness. But Neeo is done with this charade. It's the revolt of the slave and topheavy Barbara is about to be toppled over in a dirty game that Neeo has planned.

He seizes her riding crop, seizes her big tits and has his way with her. She resists his domination of her boobs but it's too late. There is no escape. Her dungeon is now his sex workshop and Barbara is his subject. He pulls down the front of her leather bustier and gets busy manhandling those full, rich jugs.

He orders Barbara down on her knees to fill her mouth with his boner and fuck her cleavage. Barbara's mouth oozes saliva as she deepthroats and breast-sexes his stiff prick.

Bending her over a table, Neeo whips her ripe butt cheeks, licks Barbara's pussy and ass, finger-fucks her and, holding her tight, rams his cock into her hot cooch, spanking her ass with each thrust into her sweet spot. Her tits hang and quiver from this pounding. The Angel's facial expressions run the gamut from shock to outrage to resistance to pleasure as Neeo power fucks her.

Neeo releases Barbara from his dick domination only to sit her down on another table, lick her pussy and spank her big boobs again. He is far from finished having his way with the Angel of tits.

A suspension bar with shackles is mounted to the ceiling. Neeo has Barbara raise her arms so he can strap her wrists to it. Then he practices his boob bondage on her delicious natural breasts with red ropes and a pinwheel sensation toy that he runs over her areolae.

Once this little game has run its course, Barbara is brought to another table and fucked again, her pussy jammed with thrusting cock every which way. Standing, on her back, on her knees and sitting on his pole, she is powerless to deny him. The tables have turned for Barbara in her woman-cave. Now she is the slave and a tit-crazed, nasty man is her master.

Is this the wildest sex Barbara Angel has ever had in her life?

See More of Barbara Angel at SCORELAND.COM!

01/26/2015 10:30 PM

MILF of the Month

MILF of the Month

"I'm a webcam model, but that's just me and my toys," big-titted Cassie Cougar said. "I did an amateur video with a boyfriend, but the camera was on a tripod. I've never done anything like this."

"This" being a real hardcore scene with a younger cox-man. Rocky is 48-year-old Cassie's first and 20 years younger than she is.

"I've had sex with much-younger men three times," the brunette divorcee and MILF explained. "Twenty-six years younger, to be exact. One was a bartender at my favorite hangout spot. One was a guy who was brave enough to take a shot at me considering I was twice his age. The third one picked me up in Atlantic City after hours of trying to work his magic on me. I finally gave in and I'm so glad I did. He rocked my world."

Cassie met Alyssa Lynn when she was at SCORE. A video and photos of their hanging out, exchanging some life stories and comparing their big tits is in "Here Come The Twins."

Rocky undresses Cassie and checks out her body. Stripped naked, Cassie lays on her stomach, heels in the air. Rocky's cock approaches her mouth and Cassie takes it in her hand. She can get almost all of the shaft in her mouth. Rocky holds the back of Cassie's head as her mouth and tongue work his dick, now dripping with Cassie's saliva. She has to come up for air.

Still holding her head, Rocky fucks Cassie's mouth. Cassie lays on her back so Rocky can fuck her big tits. She bends her head forward and her mouth catches the head of his cock as it emerges from her cleavage. They switch to a 69 and give each other the right kind of lip service.

Rocky gets on his back and Cassie lowers herself on his pole. She gasps when every inch enters her cougar trap. Once in, Rocky ramps up the thrusts, his balls slapping against Cassie's ass. Then Cassie talks over, pumping her ass up and down and sliding back and forth. She turns around so we can see her big clit and her pussy lips spread, her pussy penetrated by big dick. Cassie's face tells the story. It hurts so good.

"I'm not a swinger," Cassie said. "My friends and family know I'm kind of an exhibitionist but I still think they're going to be shocked that I actually did this."

See More of Cassie Cougar at SCORELAND.COM!

01/26/2015 10:30 PM

MILF of the Month

MILF of the Month

The editors laughed while flipping through a MILF magazine from the west coast. The model was a 20something porn star fucking some longhair and the copy read that she was fucking her daughter's boyfriend. We don't know any "MILFS" like that. We know real MILFs.

Our real MILF of the Month may have already left the building, so to speak. Word's come in that she stopped modeling. Cassie Cougar was first introduced to SCORELAND members when she met Alyssa Lynn in the models' dressing room and our cameraman caught it (Here Come The Twins).

Cassie has worn many hats. "I've worked as a secretary, bartender, go-go dancer, actress and comedy show co-host."

"I dress fairly conservatively when I'm out in public, especially if I'm with my son. But, if it's ladies night out, I tend to wear something that shows off my girls for a little extra fun."

This busty 48-year-old divorcee and mother from Arizona hooks up with Rocky here. She's twenty years older than him and discovers that she likes that young dick in her seasoned pussy.

"I just want to experience the whole thing," Cassie said. "I was discovered on Twitter. I'm definitely looking forward to feeling his cock inside of me."

And Cassie did, indeed.

See More of Cassie Cougar at SCORELAND.COM!

01/25/2015 10:30 PM

Kitchen Rack

Kitchen Rack

Webcam legend Emilia Boshe has no problem sucking and licking her nipples, not an easy feat for many busty girls. In fact, many with very big tits can't do it.

Writes Seanster, "This lady is super sexy. I literally need to reach for the lube and tissues EVERY time I see her at SCORELAND. One lady I so want to see in XXX action."

"I like polite guys who know how to treat a girl," says Emilia. "I like guys who know how to make a girl like me with big boobs feel comfortable. It is okay if they want to ask me questions about my boobs but first they should get to know me a little bit."

Emilia says she is too shy to approach a guy she might have her eye on. She has to wait for him to come over to her. It seems strange that someone who looks like Emilia is shy when she could easily take her pick. All of us tend to think that girls who are not shy about showing every inch of their bodies would not be shy socially.

SCORELAND has an important announcement about Emilia. Check the Blog in February for it.

See More of Emilia Boshe at SCORELAND.COM!

01/25/2015 10:30 PM

Kitchen Rack

 Kitchen Rack

What's the great Emilia Boshe doing with a scale and a powdered sugar dispenser?

Emilia lifts her tight titty top and pulls each massive breast out of her bra. That alone is a "Eureka!" moment. Each breast is twice as big as your head. When the SCORE staff sees new Emilia photos, there's always a collective sound of astonishment.

With each big boob hanging free and easy, Emilia sprinkles the sugar on her left breast and licks it off. Then she repeats.
Washing the sweet stuff off in the kitchen sink, Emilia dries her mammary mountains off and places her right boob on the digital scale. It weighs a little over four pounds.

Emilia puts both tits on the scale, totally covering it. In fact, her tits overflow the scale. We think she broke it because it starts beeping loudly. Emilia continues her hands-on exploration, then removes her panties and rubs her clit with one hand while the other keeps busy on one tit.

Germany is home to many busenwunders. Emilia is one of them.

See More of Emilia Boshe at SCORELAND.COM!

01/24/2015 10:30 PM

Young & Sexy With 38E-Cups

Young & Sexy With 38E-Cups

Chloe Rose wanted to try nude modeling. It was on her to-do list. As fate would spin its wheel of fortune, Chloe's longtime male friend, not a boyfriend, has a dad who is a SCORE and Voluptuous magazine reader. He was the one who actually recommended that Chloe apply to The SCORE Group. Dad has an eye for big-busted girls and Chloe is a 38-E cupper (and still growing). There's just no hiding those hooters no matter what Chloe wears.

Chloe self-debated the idea for a while. She had her best friend take three nude photos at home and emailed them to the SCORE studio. "I was sure I wanted to try it so if I was accepted, I was definitely going to go ahead and do it," Chloe said. She means what she says and says what she means.

Chloe is a porn fan and likes to watch hardcore girl-girl videos. They don't have to have big tits but they should be pretty. She tried working in a topless bar for a couple of weeks but didn't like it all that much. She's never heard of SCORE or Voluptuous magazines and didn't know that such vitally important, educational publications even existed. Further proof that the US educational system needs repair.

If fate is a female, she moves in mysterious ways. And you are the beneficiary of her generosity.

Thank you again, Chloe Rose! Stay sweet!

Chloe returns for her first boy-girl scene. Prepare!

See More of Chloe Rose at SCORELAND.COM!

01/24/2015 10:30 PM

Young & Sexy With 38E-Cups

Young & Sexy With 38E-Cups

A Texas hottie through and through, young Chloe Rose walks through the ladies' room door. Chloe is dressed casually in a striped tank top and denim shorts. She lugs a book bag. She looks like she just finished a class. Chloe barricades the door so no one else can enter. She needs privacy for what she's about to do.

Chloe checks herself out in the mirror and pulls her tank over her head to reveal a pair of big, real boobs that take your breath away. They are 38E-cups, Chloe says, and they end in very wide, dark areolae. We examine Chloe as she examines her natural twins in the mirror and the rest of her strapping, healthy body.

Chloe pulls a red, zippered, strappy top, an unusual pair of string panties with a chain and a tight white skirt out of her book bag. She squeezes into these tight, man-freezing clothes and slips her cute feet into a pair of red FM platforms. Incredible. Cloe has gone from student to club hottie in a few minutes.

The stalls are empty. Chloe walks into one and gets hands-on with her beautiful, jiggly hooters to fap her shaved pussy. There's no need for her to pull her panties to the side. They're designed for either fapping or fucking. Just like ladies' rooms.

Stay abreast of Chloe's adventures at SCORELAND. The Voluptuous coed's next step is her first XXX scene with a big-tit lovin' stud!

See More of Chloe Rose at SCORELAND.COM!

01/24/2015 10:30 PM

Too Hot For School

Too Hot For School

Chole Rose, Voluptuously stacked girl-next-door. A hot Texas dish. She wanted to model and show her curvy and soft body. She tried dancing topless but that only lasted for two weeks.
Texas is a great state and we know it's packed with lusciously built girls. But finding them is the challenge. Chloe found us in a different way and not through surfing the web or seeing our magazines on a newsstand rack.

Chloe didn't say if she wears this ultimate coed outfit back home when she goes to class. If she does, no male students and faculty will be able to think straight. Not with this student body. "There is no hiding my breasts no matter how I am dressed," says Chloe. Please don't torture the locals, Chloe.

Sometimes too good to be true can be true. Chloe Rose is the proof.

See More of Chloe Rose at SCORELAND.COM!

01/24/2015 10:30 PM

Too Hot For School

Too Hot For School

Some are too cool for school. Others are too hot for school. Chesty coed Chloe Rose is too hot. This Texas dish wants to get naughty and she picked the right place to do it. From big-tit tricks to showing her fresh pink pussy, Chloe shows she is a fast learner for a girl-next-door newcomer. Is that a pussy piercing? Yes, it is. Get a close-up look at that.

That stack of books is what Chloe has to get through. Chloe turns them into books for boobs by spanking her big, bare, 38-E tits and her bubble butt with them. And she's got a definite talent for sexy talking and eye-banging. Better to be in this room with Chloe than a boring classroom.

Here's 100% girlfriend material. But let's hope Chloe stays free, clear and single for a while. This blouse-bustin' cutie has got some naughtyin' to do.

See More of Chloe Rose at SCORELAND.COM!

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