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08/21/2014 10:41 PM

Hi my dear chest loving readers.

Today we want to inform you about on of the best new single babe sites out there…the Pinupfiles guys opened a new solo girl site for Tessa Fowler, one of their great new discoveries! This chick is sooo gorgeous, it’s insane! She can easily be the next Denise Milani I think. Just look at this hot honey and you know what liking sexy booby babes is all about again! Tessa is a beauty queen with the perfect pair of juicy perky tits for our delight and excitement!

Well worth giving it w whirl trying out her new webpage!


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08/21/2014 10:30 PM

Sexy Czech babe Abbi and her ultra huge natural Juggs are the 8th wonder of our modern world my tit loving buddies! I swear this is one of the hottest pictorials UI have ever seen of this unbelievable chick and her magnificent tits. Seeing how these suspenders are the only thing between me and her tits really is hard-on inducing. Abbi is perfect for hot wanking session on a daily basis! Joining her site seems like a good idea today :)

Check out this sample and you will see that she is the ultimate natural juggs European hottie!


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08/21/2014 10:18 PM

The grandmaster of French big tit photography does it again – XX-Cel got a fresh set with famous babe Sensual Jane and her massive hooters ready for action out on his xx-cel-lent website! This due really is one of the best big boobs fetishist I know!

And his pics are gorgeous and natural to look at – no wonder the girls fee lat ease with this master of the art. Check out the sample pics and join the good man’s site for the high res stuff he has on offer over there! Well worth the admission!


The post Eastern European babe Sensual Jane at XX-Cel! appeared first on huge tits and boobs blog.

08/21/2014 10:07 PM

Hey my huge tits loving friends!

The great natural boobs wonder Lucie and her enormous boobies are on the loose at DDFBusty again! Needless to say her images are getting hotter and hotter every time I look at my screen! It’s time to try DDFbusty again for some of the Best of Lucie’s content and a waggonload of other great big boobs babes like Venera and Laura Orsolya.


The post Lucie Wilde at DDFBusty appeared first on huge tits and boobs blog.

08/16/2014 08:31 PM

Kelly Madison and her great tits are always a welcome sight in my weblog!
Just look at how this sexy slutty woman present herself in a wet t shirt and you know that god is a boob man definitely!

This girl got tits ass and a lot of sexy smiling class :)

I’ll let the sample image speak for itself my friends! Look at that body!


The post Kelly Madison and her big juggs in wet shirt make me cum appeared first on huge tits and boobs blog.

08/16/2014 08:14 PM

German huge natural tits model legend Chloe is really awesome as always! Her new stylish pictorials as a classic milkshake babe are really inspiring for some huge hard jerk-off sessions! Chloe is one of my favorite ladies in the big tits scene as far as softcore models are concerned.
Totally hard-o inducing – she is such a perfect woman – truly a living legend!


The post Busty brunette Chloe Vevrier will make the perfect milkshake appeared first on huge tits and boobs blog.

08/06/2014 09:20 PM

Hi there fan off huge fake tits! Huge tits and lips babe Candy from the UK is starting to model for the great Pinupfiles website! Her first images with them are fucking awesome – this girl is re-defining the word perfect – perfect tits, perfect lips, perfect hair, perfect ass! She is perfection.
Be my guest and indulge at their great value-for-money website! Truly great stuff of only amazing babes! And needless to say Candy Charms is totally hot right now for big fake boob lovers!


The post Huge silicone tits babe Candy Charms debuts at Pinupfiles appeared first on huge tits and boobs blog.

07/25/2014 01:06 PM

Wow! The good guys from Pinupfiles are bringing us loads and loads of sexy cumming material this summer! I’m in Love with their recent pictorials of Lana Kendrick with a soaking foamy sponge cleaning her car and the bumpers… :)

This babe is a hottie and totally reminds me of those old baywatching titties from the nineties…
Definitely a great summer update to coll down a bit in this heat!
Who wouldn’t love to join Lana for a water fight!? Get out your soaker guns and squiiiiirt….

Great fun for all tit fans!


The post Lana Kendrick and her huge wet juggs at Pinupfiles appeared first on huge tits and boobs blog.

07/25/2014 12:53 PM

Hi there my tit loving amigos! Huge boobs babe Karla James – we have seen her at some sites – is doing some great bikini-filling with her juicy natural melons over at these days!
You have to love the natural charm of this horny brunette – she has a lot to love in all the right places as you can see and her smile is definitely of the nicest kind! Just look at how her massive naturals nearly tear off her sexy bikini and how she empties her oily bottle all over her big titties – what a babe!


The post Karla James big wet oily boobs on Cosmid appeared first on huge tits and boobs blog.

07/25/2014 12:47 PM

The huge tits lovers from Scoreland definitely bring us many big boobed treats every single day – one of their latest pictorials which I want to highlight here is Mrs. Hitomi Tanaka and her massive Japanese natural mega tits popping tightly in a huge pink bra – definitely on of Hitomi’s hottest huge tit image series they have done with Scoreland! A good reason to rejoin the site and get the best of the best Hitomi material for you big Japanese tits wanking fantasies!


The post Hitomi Tanaka popping out of a pink bra at Scoreland appeared first on huge tits and boobs blog.

08/26/2014 11:30 PM

Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen

When last we saw Melissa Mandlikova at SCORELAND, she was six months pregnant and her big boobs were massive. A huge difference from the naturally slim and stacked body SCORE Guys have enjoyed since 2006 in her many pictorials and videos filmed in Europe. She had to buy new bras to hold all that boob flesh.

Since then, the stork delivered and Melissa began lactating, so the call went out to her again and now "Dairy Queen" is here in a special appearance. Melissa takes a break from her churning to show off her giant boobs and fertile body.

Melissa kids around in one shot, holding the churning stick between her knockers. For the main event, she squeezes her engorged breasts and jets of momma's milk squirt out. Then she alternates between spreading and fingering her pussy and milking her big boobs. Congratulations, Melissa.

See More of Melissa Mandlikova at SCORELAND.COM!

08/26/2014 11:30 PM

Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen

It's Dairy Queen time for Melissa Mandlikova. It's time to milk and this is the right place.

Melissa started modeling for SCORELAND in 2006 and has appeared in almost two dozen pictorials over the years. She's co-starred in the feature DVDs Hooter Hotel and Busty Riding Academy.

Melissa was six months pregnant when she posed again in 2014. She's since made her happy delivery and was lactating for this follow-up. She jiggles and shakes her now-massive tits, takes off her dairy queen clothes and milks her jugs. Their transformation is astonishing compared to how her boobs looked in years past. She always had wide areolae but now they look much bigger and they're darker, a natural hormonal change caused by motherhood. After squeezing out her breast-cream in jets, Melissa plays with her tasty pussy, then gives one final milk squirt.

See More of Melissa Mandlikova at SCORELAND.COM!

08/25/2014 11:30 PM

MILF of the Month

MILF of the Month

Our MILF of the Month is the ever-popular Tahnee Taylor in a nut-buster of a visit to SCORELAND. She begins by sitting in an armchair and lowering her tight top and her bra to expose her big, soft boobs--massive mams meant for male merriment.

Tahnee squeezes and licks her jugs, treasures that provide both titillation and satisfaction. She takes a big pussy-toy and sucks the head and rubs her big tits with it and sticks it between her twin peaks.

Sliding her pantyhose down and sticking her shapely legs up in the air, Tahnee takes her big toy and inserts it up her butthole. She is sticking every inch of it in and out of her ass, fucking it good when her booty-call Jeremy comes over and feeds her his dick.

Sitting in the chair, Tahnee plays with her pussy and dildo-filled asshole as he fucks her mouth. He pulls out so Tahnee can stand up and walk over to the bed. She holds the toy in her ass and lays on the bed, legs spread wide, mouth ready to suck in his cock again.

Tahnee wants him to fuck her pussy. She takes the toy out of her butt and spreads wider, her pussy ready for the cock. She sucks on the toy while he's pumping her and squeezing her tits in missionary. Taking the toy away from her, Jeremy puts it back in her ass and keeps fucking her pink hole.

Putting Tahnee on her knees, ass-up, Jeremy removes the toy from the blonde bra-buster's butthole and replaces it with his cock for a nice, hard fuck. It's a miracle the camera lens didn't fog up.

Welcome back, Tahnee Taylor!

See More of Tahnee Taylor at SCORELAND.COM!

08/25/2014 11:30 PM

MILF of the Month

MILF of the Month

"I love big dicks," Tahnee Taylor says, back as our MILF of the Month in a very generously-nasty scene thanks to Tahnee's sexual super-powers. "Big dicks go with big tits. I like it when a man sucks my nipples. They're very sensitive. Men always go for my big breasts."

Tahnee is sitting in an armchair and filling her asshole with a big toy when Jeremy approaches, cock out and ready to service the big blonde. She opens her mouth and in goes his prick.

They move to the bed so Tahnee can spread her legs wide as she continues her blow job, the toy still going in and out of her ass. Tahnee takes the toy out and wants Jeremy to fuck her pussy. He does so with great pleasure. They put the toy back in her asshole while he's fucking her.

When Jeremy gets Tahnee into an ass-up, face-down position, he takes the toy out of her butthole and sticks his dick inside it to begin Tahnee's ass-fucking. What a woman! What a big-boobed cock worshipper!

See More of Tahnee Taylor at SCORELAND.COM!

08/24/2014 11:30 PM

Executive Sweet

Executive Sweet

Tori Karsin is looking like a corporate executive who's a little too frisky in that open blouse exposing big cleavage mounds and the top of her bra. The kind of big-boobed boss you'd want to be sexually harassed by in her office.

Tori says she's a dirty girl. How dirty? "Dirty dirty." Tori masturbates constantly and she likes "things in my butt." That's what she's up to in this SCORELAND video, her second since her debut scene "Bikini Strip" plus her trip to Miami in a Bonus scene.

What's that thing she's pulled out of her belt? It's a stumpy butt plug that she's going to stick in her ass. Then she's going to rub out a big one, one hand getting busy on her pussy and clit and the other working that tush toy. Tori does it standing, then she gets on the floor. First, on her back, then on her knees, giving us an eyeful of how she gets that O-face.

No wonder it's so hot in Texas.

See More of Tori Karsin at SCORELAND.COM!

08/24/2014 11:30 PM

Executive Sweet

Executive Sweet

How many of you have, or have had, a lady boss with big tits? How many of you have, or have had, a lady boss with big tits who called you into her office so she could drop her bra, drop her panties, get on the floor and masturbate her butthole with a butt plug and finger-fuck her pussy?

We see that not many of you are holding your hands up.

That's what female executive Tori Karsin does in her Executive Sweet pictorial and video here at SCORELAND. Yes, the perks of having a horny lady boss are sweet indeed.

"I masturbate daily, at least once a day," says Tori from Texas. "Most of the time, I masturbate several times a day. I love to look at porn DVDs and videos on the computer and masturbate as much as I can."

A girl after our own hearts. Most women claim, at least in surveys, that they like to read soft-core erotic books but girls such as Tori like to see it and bake their cookies, not just read about it. This is very commendable. More women should be encouraged to join TSG websites and give their fingers and toys some exercise.

When she has time, Tori likes to visit strip clubs in Houston. She loves the atmosphere and the action.

See More of Tori Karsin at SCORELAND.COM!

08/23/2014 11:30 PM

Mirror Games

Mirror Games

Yesterday, Tigerr. Now for a Cat.
What do we love about the amazing newcomer Cat Bangles? Besides her obvious beauty, body, boobs and booty.

Let us count the ways.

The way she's very talkative, lively, energetic and interactive. The way she's always bouncing and playing with her big tits. The way she hawks and spits over her breasts, leaving spit strings. The way she twerks her tush. The way she pleases her ultrasexy pussy-hole and clit with fingers and toys. The way she moves. The way she puts herself out there.

Do you like seeing the girls play with mirrors? That's what Cat does in this scene and in the photos.

A Bostonian bra-buster, Cat must have driven the guys wild when she coached basketball.

"I played basketball in high school and in middle school. I actually coached basketball for two years after high school at a local YMCA. It was an all-boys team. But when I went to the gym, I would be wearing sweat pants and big, baggy shirts. It was a community environment so I didn't want to scare the kids. I wanted them to focus on winning the championship, not my boobies. And we did win the championship, two years in a row."

They still must have been jacking in the men's room, baggy shirts or not.

Cat Bangle's recent adventures at SCORELAND included a trip to Coconut Grove in Miami where she wowed onlookers with her coconuts. On September 5th, Cat is back in all-new boy-girl action.

See More of Cat Bangles at SCORELAND.COM!

08/23/2014 11:30 PM

Mirror Games

Mirror Games

The mirror play is more extensive in this new SCORELAND pictorial than in the video version. Cat finds some horny and randy ways and perspectives for you to examine her big boobs and beautiful pussy.

All of us are spoiled because we get to see the girls completely naked and doing hot-ass things to themselves and to guys. But what about the people who see Cat in everyday life?

"I always dress to show off these big girls," says Cat. And for that contribution to the betterment of society she has our gratitude. "Push-up bras, tight shirts that show cleavage, wife-beaters...whatever shows off my tits, I'm wearing it. I don't believe in hiding them. I mean, for a long time, I didn't have anything to show, and now that I do, I'm showing them every chance I get." Cat didn't bust-out until she was 18. Then whammo!

"So if you saw me walking down the street, as long as it wasn't winter, you'd see my cleavage, and even in the winter, I like to wear tight, low-cut sweaters under my jackets. Men and women look at my boobs and I absolutely love it. I love when I see a woman nudge her boyfriend and say, 'Look at her tits!' Of course, the guy was already looking! I like to wear tight, low-cut sweaters under my jackets."

Cat Bangles: we stand at attention for you.

On September 5th, Cat is back in an all-new XXX scene.

See More of Cat Bangles at SCORELAND.COM!

08/22/2014 11:30 PM

Double Penetration

Double Penetration

She's super-busty and she has a hot body. She's beautiful. She's bright. She's an exotic Asian Brit with a sexy British accent. She's got a wild appetite for nasty sex and a very dirty mind. She's got it all.

She is Tigerr Benson.

And this time, Tigerr gets taken by two in a very rude double-penetration. Or does Tigerr take them?

We talked to Tigerr (covergirl of the upcoming Holiday '14 SCORE magazine) about this threesome.

SCORE: Tigerr, What do you like better: one-on-one sex, a two guy threesome, or a guy and girl threesome? And why do you like it better? Tell us about that.

Tigerr: Mmmm, well, it's changed for me. I seem to have got more greedy so I prefer guys all to myself. Maybe I'll try a three guy foursome one day. I want to see how that feels, each of my holes filled at the same time. I remember my first DP. I was so nervous and it felt so strange but so good. But it would have to be three guys that are really hot for me. [Laughs] I love attention.

SCORE: What do you enjoy about double penetration? Do you cum harder than through vaginal orgasms alone?

Tigerr: A little "sexcret." I actually started liking anal more than vaginal but feeling another guy filling me as well as a guy in my ass is super hot for me. I do cum harder because it seems dirtier. I have a dirty mind and sometimes it makes me cum more than what's happening in my holes.

SCORE: When did you first start having anal sex and Double penetrations?

Tigerr: I think my first anal was when I was really young. But my first boyfriends were Chinese really big. It wasn't painful. Double penetration...I only had my first last year. Actually I don't really get many requests for DP but I never say no.

SCORE: In your private life, you prefer sex with two men?

Tigerr: No, not really, because it's just almost impossible to find two guys that will want to get that close to each other. [Laughs] It's hard enough to find one guy that can give me what I want. [Laughs]

SCORE: How should a guy handle your boobs? Hard sucking or soft? Rough or gentle?

Tigerr: A bit of both. I like variation. When it's passionate I like to be treated rough. I like to feel the full power of an alpha male.

SCORE: Do the guys you meet spend a lot of time sucking and fucking your tits?

Tigerr: Mmm, some do. Some just suck my boobs, much more than fucking my boobs. They cannot keep their hands off them most of the time. They feel quite soft even though they are large.

SCORE: When you're making videos, is sex more exciting than sex in private?

Tigerr: Definitely. I've always liked being watched and the attention. My ex used to get off watching me with other men so I liked performing for him. It was hot knowing he was watching me, knowing he was jealous because he didn't have such a big cock and seeing me enjoying it.

See More of Tigerr Benson at SCORELAND.COM!

08/22/2014 11:30 PM

Slippery When Wet

Slippery When Wet

In this Bonus SCORELAND video, Tigerr Benson puts on roller blades outdoors, then showers her sexy body, soaping her big boobs and pressing them against the glass door.

Tigerr is always on the go. She's a globetrotter, traveling to England, Japan and many other countries. The proper T-shirt for Tigerr would have the question, 'Where in the world is Tigerr Benson now?" printed on it, front and back.

See More of Tigerr Benson at SCORELAND.COM!

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